About Us

Controlling the cost of energy is crucial to the competitive operation of our clients. Established as independent purchasing consultants in August 2000, we have the experience to assist you in making the right decisions.


To us it's simple, independence means that your tender is despatched to all potential suppliers. We make sure that each of them has the same access to the negotiating table and that we present their offers accurately and without bias.


Buying energy is a purchasing process like any other. Except that, typically even the very largest energy users only come to the market once per year. Our constant exposure to the marketplace gives us the ability to best represent your interests, advise on budgets and control your costs throughout the year.


We see ourselves as an extension to our client's purchasing department. We assist you by providing you with the most up-to-date information on the UK energy industry. We spend twelve months of the year researching markets and developing relationships with suppliers. So when your contract is negotiated we can provide the professional support you need to get the best results for your organisation.